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Conversations are just better when we understand each other

enunc8 provides exceptional global conversations and empowers better understanding and clarity through enhanced english pronunciation skills

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a new, innovative approach to improved english pronunciation

enunc8 empowers individuals who speak English as a second language with the necessary tools to improve their English pronunciation skills and reach their greatest career potential. 

We do this by providing a new, innovative, highly effective approach to English pronunciation training. The results are a groundbreaking approach to improving English pronunciation.

enunc8 users have the same experience and results as they would with a one-on-one speech-language pathologist. As users progress through the program, they are provided with the tools and practice to significantly improve their English pronunciation and clarity.

And the results?

happier employees – happier customers – better communication

This leads to better international teams that can more effectively communicate with one another, improving both business retention and growth.



As the premier English pronunciation learning software company, we provide digital communication solutions to the overseas outsourcing and offshoring industries.


based in science

continuing education

certifications & designations

ai-driven speech coach

enunc8 was designed by an experienced,
Certified Speech-Language Pathologist.


enunc8 employs principles of neuroplasticity — the brain’s ability to form and reorganize synaptic connections in response to new learning or experiences — to increase the rate and quality of learning.

enunc8 is not just for onboarding but also for continuing education, providing users with time and expertise to truly improve their English pronunciation skills.

enunc8 training can occur at work or home on any computer, smartphone, or tablet.

As users progress through the various levels and gain success, they will earn certifications that reflect their achievements and increased proficiency of English pronunciation.


Admin portals will report on each user’s training time and achievements, as well as assigning additional training based on user performance.  

A 3D-rendered personal speech coach will guide users through lessons and provide audio and visual examples, immediate feedback on user performance, and general support throughout the training.


Lessons include pronunciation, word stress, intonation, and American idioms.


in a global environment, enunc8 keeps you competitive

why should you explore enunc8?

enunc8 is laser focused on providing English pronunciation training for the overseas outsourcing industry.


Our digital approach is the most innovative, effective, and consistent approach to English pronunciation training. We are specifically designed to provide training to:

  • call centers 

  • business process outsourcing (BPO) firms

  • knowledge process outsource (KPO) firms 

why is enunc8
your best choice?

Many systems attempt to train multiple employees from a single in-person classroom trainer. 


enunc8 allows each user to have the same personalized experience as they would working one-on-one with an experienced speech-language pathologist.


the enunc8 program was designed by a speech language pathologist and utilizes machine learning to customize the program to the user as he or she progresses.


It is the only system guaranteed to provide exceptional results.

who can enunc8 benefit most?

  • Call center agents providing voice services to English speaking countries

  • Employees transitioning into voice related roles

  • Subject matter experts, such as IT or legal professionals providing guidance to English speaking customers

  • Overseas team members communicating with US-based peers

  • Offshore executives communicating with US-based team members


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